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Hi, I'm Evelyn



I was born in Guatemala City to a single mother,  she had the support of her mother, two sisters and Brother. She  worked long hours to own and maintain her own bakery. When I turned four years old she left me in the care of my grandmother, so she could come to the United States. She came on a visa  and soon after met my step-dad, however   I call him my dad. They married and two years later she sent for me. I started school without being able to speak a word in English. That did not stop me and attended local schools in the los Angles County and later on in the Inland Empire. 


After  high school graduation I  had dreams of joining the Navy, and becoming a naval nurse. Unfortunately,  I was not accepted due to my weight.  My mom took me down to Chaffey College and told me that I need to start taking classes until I meet my goal weight.  With all the current events that were happening in the United States, I later decided to not join the Navy. I continued my studies at Chaffey College just  doing pre requests, then decided to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant C.N.A.  program. I completed the program in 2004 and got to work as a C.N.A. My career stated at Community Care and Rehab Center, then at Parkview Community hospital, and finally at  Arlington Gardens. After  I received  my Licensed Vocational nursing degree I worked at Arlington Gardens as   a wound care specialist and currently working at Riverside medical Clinic as a urology specialist. 

Education 101

Chaffey College Graduate. Go Panthers!!

When I began my high school journey I was faced with the dreaded question that everyone asks. "What are you going to do after HS?". I knew that there was countless possibilities, I thought of being an chef, hair dresser, even an actress. My mother would always tell me to dream big and to make it happen. She encouraged me to seek for a profession in the medical felid, I would always refuse. I told her that I wanted to do something different then the whole family. Since, my father was apart of the lift team and nursing team at Santa Monica UCLA hospital, his mother was a Registered Nurse in Guatemala city, my aunt has her PHD in physical therapy and my Niece is a General surgeon, not to mention my mother started to get her Medical assistant, but could not finish due to other responsibilities. It was not until after a terrible accident where my sister was in the burn unit for two weeks, that I realized that my heart and passion was to be nurse. After being able to see the flow and dedicated care that these nurses gave my sister. I could not stop thinking about becoming a nurse. It was a very lengthy journey. However, in 2014 I made my dreams come true and became a licensed nurse.

“If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney

Be stubborn with you dreams to make them realty

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Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dominguez 

Martin and I meet in Rialto CA in 2014, we began to date and it lead to us falling in love. I was in my last semester of nursing program and he was working and lived in Rialto. He was my biggest supporter in the most critical time of the nursing program. He would always tell me " you made it this far, so keep going". After graduation he proposed , of course I said 'Yes" we got married in the San Bernardino court house. We had our first son Logan the following year. We adopted a husky and named him Beast ( unfortunately he passed in 2017) . After a very complicated pregnancy we had our second baby boy "Bruce. shortly after we adopted our second husky and named him "Scar" These boys pushed us to the limits, regardless Martin and I continued to show our love and dedication to our family. However, we were not done yet, we had our third son two years later our "Remy" and along with him we also adopted our third husky "Baloo" they completed our family and made us feel whole. Moreover, We  both grew up in Inland empire and  now proudly call Rialto our home

Our journey has not been easy, but it has been completely worth it. We have been each others strength in hard times. We have the same common goal to raise strong, responsible and respectful men.

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail".

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"The Boys" 

Remy (3), Bruce(5), and Logan (7)

These boys have taught me what love is. They shown me to be a better person


The best heritage a parent can give to their child is "Education".


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About Us



Let us introduce our salves. Martin hobbies includes to work on his cars, play video games and spend time with the Boys, his favorite foods are brownies and posole. I enjoy to cook, bake and garden, I love cakes with whip icing, tacos and home made beans.  Logan enjoys to garden, play baseball, play video games and hanging out with his friends. He loves Mexican foods and pasta. He wants to be Fireman when he grows up. Bruce enjoys to play baseball, play video games, and mostly doing anything that might require stiches. He loves Mexican foods, all fruits, and burgers. He longs to be a Police officer. Remy loves to be the boss, he loves to watch Blippi and cuddle with his momma. He loves to eat spaghetti and oranges. We are a young family with a lot of ambition and proud to call Rialto our home. 

Our Fur Boys

Beast, Scar, and Baloo

If your lucky, A Huskie will come into your life and steal you heart and change EVERYTHING! 

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