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Couple Rings: six things you should be aware of

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry with a lot of significance. It is a symbol of love and commitment.

This is a part of French tradition and culture that makes this moment unforgettable.

The engagement rings are a symbol of love, but the significance and meaning are not known.

Learn about the significance and history behind the engagement ring, and the various criteria to consider when selecting the ring.


The custom of giving rings as a symbol of engagement is a long-standing tradition.

This practice dates back to Roman Antiquity and is derived from an Egyptian custom that claimed the heart was connected by a vein directly to the left finger ring. The Romans accepted this belief as evident by the Latin word "vena amoris" which translates to "vein of love".

The Roman custom was that a man would present his bride with an engagement ring on the day of their wedding. The perfect circle created by the ring represented an eternal love. This beautiful tradition has been carried on throughout the ages.

Rings with precious stones have been in use since the time of the Renaissance. Today they are the preferred choice of the royals for engagement ring.


The engagement ring symbolizes commitment and the desire to get married and share your love one's life. The circular design of a ring with no beginning or ending it evokes eternal, unending and unwavering love.

Despite the fact that engagements aren't as frequent than they were in the past however, they still hold an extremely powerful symbolic meaning. Many couples decide to keep the tradition.

It is possible to organize an event to mark the occasion of the engagement. However, the ring will be presented at an hour that is exclusive and restricted. Engagements aren't necessarily religious anymore. The ring is presented as an expression of love.

The material used in engagement rings is the material.

The engagement ring is usually be made out of gold. It could be an engagement rings.

White gold - A mix of pure gold, nickel-zinc, and palladium

In yellow gold - Mixture of pure silver, gold and copper

In rose gold - Mixture of pure copper, gold and other metals

Engagement rings made of yellow gold have been the most sought-after engagement rings for many centuries. White gold engagement rings are also extremely popular. Engagement rings made of white gold are stylish and contemporary and look stunning with diamonds and other precious stones.

Style & design

There are a variety of styles of engagement rings. The selection of engagement rings will depend on the preferences and preferences of the couple.

Get inspiration from the jewelry that people typically wear.

A diamond engagement ring, however, is a great option.

Diamonds and precious stones

The diamond symbolizes love forever and commitment.

The diamond engagement ring is not just attractive and valuable but also a symbol of sincerity. Diamond solitaires are among the most sought-after designs for engagement rings.

All precious stones including diamonds can be used to create rings with ornaments. Emerald and sapphire are excellent choices according to your preferences.

Maison Arthus Bertrand has several designs of white-gold engagement rings with stones like a diamond or any of the gems mentioned above.

Wear an engagement ring

The engagement ring is typically placed on the ring-finger of the left hand. This tradition also has roots back to Antiquity and is referred to as "the vein of love".

The ring finger was designed to be used to wear rings. The word"annular" is an etymological term that is related to the ring.

The engagement ring is placed on the same finger as the wedding band is placed on. The wedding ring is put on first, then the engagement ring. The wedding ring will be placed nearer to the heart.


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